Degenerating Fibroid – Altoona, Iowa

Best Uterine Fibroid Treatment Doctors & Fibroid Center In Altoona,Iowa

Dr.Genia Kelly, MD
Altoona Obstetricians
7492 Harrison St.
Altoona,IA 50009
Phone: (689) 452-6823
Business Hours: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm
By Appointment Only: No
Accepts Insurance: Yes
Practice Areas: Internal Medicine,Fertility,obstetrical care
Dr.Charlette Gary, MD
Altoona Gynecologists
478 Crescent St.
Altoona,IA 50009
Phone:(569) 469-2483
Business Hours: 7:00 am - 4:00 pm
By Appointment Only: No
Accepts Insurance: yes
Practice Areas: Fertility,Fertility,Fertility
Dr.Julieann Bass, MD
Altoona Fertility Care
11 La Sierra Street
Altoona,IA 50009
Phone: (372) 400-4191
Business Hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
By Appointment Only: No
Accepts Insurance: yes
Practice Areas: obstetrical care,obstetrical care,Fertility
Dr.Velva Hatfield, MD
Altoona Family Practice
432 Oak Street
Altoona,IA 50009
Phone: (192) 907-4024
Business Hours: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
By Appointment Only: No
Accepts Insurance: yes
Practice Areas: obstetrical care,Fertility,gynecological care

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Best Uterine Fibroid Treatment Doctors in Altoona,Iowa

Best Uterine Fibroid Treatment Fibroid Center in Altoona,Iowa

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What are Fibroids Causes symptoms and treatment of fibroids- Altoona, Iowa

Welcome back lovely ladies today we are going to figure out fibroids. figure out fibroids figure out fibroids It's like a tongue twister! say that three times fast. anyway, fibroids are something that you may never have to face because it generally tends to affect women age 30 or more however it is interesting to note that 25 percent women will probably suffer from fibroids at one point in their life.

But I'll never have symptoms and they'll never need treatment so what the heck are fibroids? Fibroids are noncancerous growths in the muscle walls in your uterus. Studies show that that being overweight or having high blood pressure are major risk factors. Fibroids tend to shrink when your body goes through menopause. So, what causes fibroids? unknown. I know, sorry to disappoint you. the thing is is that the growth depends on the estrogen levels in the body and as the woman continues to menstruate and the sizes can vary.

They can be so small that you need a microscope to look at them or they can be really big; as big as the uterus. now if you do have symptoms, some of them may include pelvic cramping when you're not on your period, lower abdomen pain, lower back pain, painful sex, and increased urine frequency. the will do an ultrasound to check for all of this. Now some treatment options generally include getting on birth control pills.

Or an IUD (Intrauterine Device) to help regulate the estrogen, and if it really really really comes down to it surgery is also an option. Again, all this varies on your diagnosis and the severity of your problems. Always remember to go to a to get checked out So that's all I have for you today, you know the drill so shoot me an email, send me an SMS, and subscribe to our channel. I'll see you guys later.

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