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Best Uterine Fibroid Treatment Doctors & Fibroid Center In Granger,Iowa

Dr.Joannie Goldstein, MD
Granger Obstetricians
61 Richardson Road
Granger,IA 50109
Phone: (734) 986-6727
Business Hours: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
By Appointment Only: yes
Accepts Insurance: No
Practice Areas: Internal Medicine,Fertility,Fertility
Dr.Brandie Anthony, MD
Granger Gynecologists
50 Oakland Street
Granger,IA 50109
Phone:(247) 279-2508
Business Hours: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
By Appointment Only: No
Accepts Insurance: No
Practice Areas: gynecological care,Internal Medicine,Fertility
Dr.Renay Ruiz, MD
Granger Fertility Care
48 East Smoky Hollow Road
Granger,IA 50109
Phone: (690) 501-8601
Business Hours: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
By Appointment Only: Yes
Accepts Insurance: Yes
Practice Areas: gynecological care,Fertility,Family Practice
Dr.Shayne Jones, MD
Granger Family Practice
539 Belmont Road
Granger,IA 50109
Phone: (936) 349-3484
Business Hours: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
By Appointment Only: No
Accepts Insurance: Yes
Practice Areas: obstetrical care,Family Practice,Fertility

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Best Uterine Fibroid Treatment Doctors in Granger,Iowa

Best Uterine Fibroid Treatment Fibroid Center in Granger,Iowa

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How to cure uterine fibroids without surgery- Granger, Iowa

Hello, I'm Gillian Johnson As a former fibroids sufferer what I want to tell you is: You don't have to suffer. Fibroids and fibroids symptoms can be cured WITHOUT surgery or a hysterectomy. I had two uterine fibroids, and you may know how painful is. After several unsuccessful medications, my gynecologist wanted me to undergo surgery. But another suggested me to follow a new holisticdrugfree method, accessible on the web. In just 5 weeks fibroids shrunk drastically. No more pain, no more irregular periods, no more bladder pressure.

The following ultrasounds shown that both of these fibroid were completely gone. I've lost 11 pounds. This method cures the causes, giving you a proven way to eliminate fibroids. If you're experiencing fibroid symptoms you should start it immediately.

Living with Endometriosis NO MORE How Jannelle Got Rid of her Symptoms

Alright this is John Kohler with okraw , today we have another exciting episode for you, and we're coming at you from the 2014 Woodstock Food Festival. I've met so many different cool people here at the Woodstock Food Festival and today I wanted to share with you guys one of them that I met not at this year's, but prior years Woodstock Food Festivals, and she's an awesome lady here, and her name is Janelle LeMoine. You can check her out on Instagram and YouTube at Mangomove. And she's been into raw foods now for nearly two years 100 percent, and the reason why I wanted to bring her on the show today is because she healed a disease in her body that.

Many people may live with for the rest of their life, and there possibly being no known medical cure for, it's actually called endometriosis. And if you know what endometriosis is, you possibly have it, maybe you're watching this tutorial and if you don't, we're going to find out what it is because I have no clue. So Janelle what is endometriosis? So endometriosis is when there's certain cells that line uterus that are called endometrial cells. And instead of those cells growing on the inside of the uterus like they're supposed to, they grow on the outside of the uterus and latch onto organs and scar, so they can latch onto your colon, your ovaries, your Fallopian tubes, your rectum, and they.

Can just attach onto those and scar, and I had very severe contraction episodes with it. I would bleed for months straight. I got diagnosed with it through a laparoscopy surgery because they actually can't tell if you physically have endometriosis without going inside of you and looking. So I had that done and then I was put on really heavy medication to try and control it, which was not working at all. So is there any cure from the medical system for this situation or do people live with this for their whole life or do they live actually a shortened life, because it sounds like it's very painful, not comfortable and can cause a lot of problems.

It can definitely cause infertility, that's one of the main things I know that it can cause, but there is no cure, that's what I was told from my medical when I was going to a medical for this disease, and so I was going to be on medication for the rest of my life, there was a possibility of becoming infertile, so it was a pretty scary thing to feel like I had to live with for the rest of my life because it was so painful and so detrimental to my everyday life. So in what ways did it actually affect your life? I definitely couldn't go to classes and schooling or basically I would have to be.

Bedridden all the time, and I was dealing with other medical issues at that time as well, so it was definitely just another blow to my system where I would have these episodes where I just physically couldn't leave my bed from a fetal position clenching every muscle in my body so I wouldn't feel the pain I had to feel and when I was menstruating for months straight it was very difficult to know when I had to be prepared for that, because it would just flare up unknowingly, so that was another issue, but it was definitely very hard. Wow. Yeah it sounds very difficult. So how did you turn all this around? I mean you look fine and great today and healthy and all.

So I came to this Woodstock Food Festival in 2012 because I knew that raw foods was the answer to help me to heal myself because I was dealing with this and another, I was dealing with chronic migraines and IBS as well. So I knew I had to come here to learn about the lifestyle I was trying to follow which was the 801010 diet, and through coming to this festival, I then went to do a water fast with Douglas Graham in 2013 in January, and through that fast I did 25 days on water only, and I through that fast have basically cured my endometriosis, my chronic migraines, and IBS. I no longer have any symptoms of any of those, I haven't—it completely changed my entire life, I've never felt.

Healthier, I don't have to deal with my chronic pain and sickness like I used to deal with, I had all of those issues for six years straight, it was so painful, and now I'm actually able to live my life thanks to this festival, thanks to Graham and the water fast and finding out how to properly follow the 801010 diet through that experience as well. And I'm just so grateful because I'm actually living my life for the first time, and it feels really great to be able to do that. Wow, I mean, just like Janelle, I too, my life was saved by the power of raw foods and simply eating fruits and vegetables as what I eat. I had spinal meningitis which was actually.

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